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Pastor Siimon Haamer

Dean of Tartu Academy of Theology   


  • To build up the Christian Community in Estonia.

  • To offer Bible-based education.

  • To value each student’s personal relationship with God.

  • To train students in applying theological knowledge in practical experience


 or simply TAT, is a Strategic Ministry Partner of East European Missions Network. The Academy is located in the Estonian city of Tartu. TAT was founded in the Autumn of 1992 with the financial support of a group of American pastors who had visited Estonia earlier that year.    

Why We Are: Christians were persecuted and the Church depleted during 50 years of Soviet occupation – there is a great need to educate Estonians to carry on God’s rebuilding work. God has given us the vision to bring about change in one of the most secular countries in the world – Estonia


Estonia Located in Eastern Europe | Bordered by Russia on the East | Population of 1.3 million | Area 17,000 sq miles | Only 13% of the population are Christians | The largest denomination is Lutheran with 2,2% of the population (29,000 members) | Suffered for 50 years under Soviet occupation during which time Christians were persecuted | Regained independence in 1991

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