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4.20.2020 The Lord is with you, mighty warrior

Who me, a mighty Warrior? You may not see yourself as one—neither did Gideon. This morning I challenge you to read Judges 6—it is the Word of the Lord for you today!

While Gideon was threshing wheat an angel spoke to him and addressed him as a mighty warrior. Some people see this as humorous because Gideon was hiding from the enemy and Gideon’s response was that he came from a poor family and was not a hero. However, I think Gideon was acting very heroically and that his response was a response of humility, not fear. You see, many people were hiding at home and possibly starving because the Midianites besieged the land (Judges 6:1-6). Gideon was out there actively doing something for his people. The angel said that Gideon would save Israel (Judges 6:14).

Even though Gideon did not think he was the man for the job---he understood the power of God. Gideon knew that God could do what He said He would do. So Gideon protested a bit, & needed 2 confirmations, yet through it all-----he learned to trust God step by step. If the angel had told Gideon that he would defeat the 135,000 person army of the Midianites with just 300 men, Gideon would have had an impossible time believing that the message really was from God. Yet God led him step by step until he was ready to believe for the unbelievable (in the natural). Paring down the army in such a way caused Gideon to know God was in control & God would win the battle through Gideon, his men and the power of God---was the plan! We don’t have to understand God’s methods—just trust & obey & do it.

What is it God wants you to do? Do you find it impossible to believe? The truth is, whatever God wants from you, it probably will be even more impossible than you could imagine. Yet, when you obey Him and trust Him each step of the way, it will make sense what He wants you to do. God is accomplishing His purposes on earth through men and women today--& it is His power at work! It is a great thing to be obedient to God and be part of His plan.

God may be calling you as a Mighty Warrior in prayer, or in the gift of helping, or administration, or teaching or preaching or healing the sick—there are many jobs God needs His warriors to do—will you say “Yes” to the assignment He has for you?

But you say, “I don’t know what it is!” Just ask Him, and He will show you in a way you will understand. For me, God reveals His will mostly through dreams, and by speaking to me at the Listening Post (located on a bench outside our back porch) each morning. Prayer involves just as much listening as talking to God. He wants to give us direction, guidance, even correction, but we have to have ears to listen, eyes to see, faith to believe.

Join Me in Prayer Today: Holy Father, Open my eyes that I may see & understand what is your will for my life. Unstop my ears that I may hear you—tune me into your still, small voice and give me discernment so I know without a doubt it is from you. Grant me dreams, visions, or visits from angels! Sometimes I feel like I am hiding at home, just like Gideon, but show me how much I can do from my vantage point! Thank you, Lord, and I am ready to receive from you. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

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