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4.18.2020 Bathed in the love of God

This morning the Word for us is “Being bathed in the love of God.” Check out this you tube video and let this anointed song fill your soul.

We are living in tumultuous times—and are experiencing the shaking of everything that can be shaken—in our world, our country, our state, our county, our city, our family and in us. Yet, through it all, I believe we are being drawn closer to God, and exercising our faith, like never before. We know that our hope is in Thee, Lord!

Yet at times, we may feel overwhelmed with fear. We have DAILY proclaimed the Blood of Jesus over ourselves, our families, our homes, our vehicles, our jobs, our finances, and everyone we influence or are influenced by. We pray the hedge of protection around us. We “suit up” each day with the Full Armor of God, and ask for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, we pray and meditate on the Scriptures….yet sometimes that ishy old fear comes a-calling. What should we do?

This morning I was impressed with the Scripture from 1 John 4:18 “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear!” And that perfect love comes only from our Lord. We can ask today to be bathed in His perfect love and see that fear fly away. We become overwhelmed with the Love of God—and let Him bring soothing to our souls. Romans 5:5 assures us: God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

Join me in prayer:

Abba Father, we look to you today & ask you to bathe us, drench us, pour into our hearts anew---your perfect, precious LOVE. Cause our hearts to sing onto you Love Songs—as we let that love you give us come right back to you in an ever flowing circle---as we praise and worship you this day---verbally and by our spirits.

Ignite the Holy Spirit in us to pray and sing and glorify you in a higher way today—letting go of all doubt, fear, worry and anxiety. Breathe into us anew the Spirit of Life! Life abundant and full of glory! We bask in your presence as you sweep over our souls and we emerge refreshed.

We love you, and we pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen

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