• Diane Sundrud

2nd Sunday of Christmas - New in 2022

Pastor: Lee Laaveg

Pianist: Mavis Finseth

Reader: Mary Ann Senn

Ushers: Scot Thompson, Wayne Schmiedeberg, Mike Sundrud

Secretary: Kathy Finseth

Introduction to the Day

Within the gospel reading’s profound words lies the simple message that God is revealed in a human person. Though we may try to understand how the Word existed with God from the beginning of time, the wonder we celebrate at Christmas is that the Word continues to dwell among us. Christ comes among us in the gathered assembly, the scriptures, the waters of new birth, and the bread and the wine. Through these ordinary gifts we receive the fullness of God’s grace and truth.

Sermon: 'New in 2022' - Pastor Lee Laaveg

Call to Worship: Love Has Come (CH #256 / ELW #292)

Confession & Forgiveness

Prayer of the Day

Special Music ‘Mary’s Boychild’ – Diane

Scripture Lessons:

· 2 Corinthians 5:14-21

· Psalm 147:12-20 Worship the LORD, O Jerusalem

· Ephesians 1:3-14 The will of God made known in Christ

*Response Jesus, Name above all Names

(CH #86) Gospel: John 1:1-18 God with us: the incarnation of the Word

Sermon: “New in 2022”

Hymn of the Day: Of the Father’s Love Begotten (LBW #42) v 1, 2, 4

Apostle’s Creed

Prayers of the Church

Offering / Offering prayer

Lord’s Prayer


Sending Song: Go Tell it on the Mountain (LBW #39)

Go in peace. Rejoice in Christ our Savior. Thanks be to God!


Prayer Time @ Vernes:

You are encouraged to pray weekly for those listed in the bulletin.

Call or Text additional prayer requests to Lynn at 218.791.7520.

Prayers for this week:

Special Prayers:

Peter & Kelsey Lofgren - McKenzie, Megan, Mason

Kevin & Nicole Lewis- Damien, Jayden, Elliott, Madilynn

Healing Prayers:

Delores Syverson, Pat Finseth, Norris Syverson, Dorothy Fick,

Bob Jasinski, Chad Nelson, Marlys Brovold, Roxanne Boehrnsen,

Hilda & Wendell Opdahl, Bernice Voxland, Lucy Solheim, Cindy Schmiedeberg, Faith Hanson


Austin Sannes, Brianna Finseth, Dawn Fick, Mason Rominski

Dusty & Lisa Halvorson, Zackary Olson-Burkman, Katherine Finseth,


Jennifer Albright, our missionary intern in Slovenia

Mission Sunday

Next Sunday, Jan 9th @ 10:00am – Dinner to follow. Jennifer Albright will speak about her internship and mission work in Slovenia. Mark your calendar!

*Vernes Annual Meeting*

Sunday, January 16th following worship.

Reports due to Kathy Finseth by January 2nd.

The following need to submit reports:

Pastor Statistics

President Ladies Aid President

Treasurer Ladies Aide Treasurer

Secretary Ladies Aide Secretary

Janitor List SS Superintendent

POINSETTIAs on the Altar:

Given by Ray & Lynn Sundrud

In memory of Palmer & Bertha Solheim

In memory of Corrine Solheim

In memory of Orvin & Sylvia Sundrud

In memory of Lois Sundrud

In memory of Jim Sundrud

Given by Mike & Diane Sundrud

In memory of Lyle Gutterud

In memory of Gordon Syverson

In memory of Marion Bullock

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