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Jennifer Albright

Global Intern to Slovenia / Bethany Global University

Jennifer attends Bethany Global University, a small missions college in Bloomington, Minnesota.  The first two years are spent on campus in classes focused on God’s Word and cross-cultural ministry.  From September 2020 through December 2021, she completed hands-on missions experience in the mission field by serving overseas in Slovenia on a 16-month global internship as a student missionary.  Slovenia is located in central Europe and has less than a 1% Evangelical Christian population. Jennifer said,

“Bethany’s vision is to reach the unreached and least reached nations in the world, and I am very excited to serve the Lord in Slovenia!”

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My mission statement can be summed up in one word "love."  I have been called to love God and love others wherever God has placed me.  God has called me to be a pilgrim of love in this season to the Slovene people.  I'm entering into a country that is not my own and to a language and culture I do not know (yet).  Love is what breaks down walls and barriers and brings the gospel forth.  I deeply want to love others well with Christ's love. This is my mission. 

In Christ, 

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