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Jennifer Albright

Global Intern to Slovenia / Bethany Global University

Jennifer attends Bethany Global University, a small missions college in Bloomington, Minnesota.  The first two years are spent on campus in classes focused on God’s Word and cross-cultural ministry.  Starting in September 2020, she will be gaining hands-on missions experience on the mission field by serving overseas in Slovenia on a 16-month global internship as a student missionary.  Slovenia is located in central Europe and has less than a 1% Evangelical Christian population. Jennifer said,

“Bethany’s vision is to reach the unreached and least reached nations in the world, and I am very excited to serve the Lord in Slovenia!”


Jennifer's Newsletter

September 2020

živjo! Hello! 

September was a season of transition.  In early September Bethany conducted online pre-field orientation helping to prepare us as we move overseas. After many "see you later" hugs, I arrived in Slovenia September 24th. Due to local Covid regulation my team and I quarantined in a hostel for 10 days.  Bethany opened two new site locations in Slovenia due to travel restrictions in other areas.  My team and I remain the same, but we now have triple the impact as each team will be serving in different areas of Slovenia.  I am so excited for what God has in store for this country!


During quarantine we spent intentional time in worship and prayer every day.  We also spent time together in cooking meals, playing games and getting to know one another. In a lot of ways I needed this time to transition to life overseas. 

slovenia team.jpg

October 3rd we were able to go outside for the first time in 10 days! We have steadily been trying to familiarize ourselves with the area.  We were also able to attend the prayer meeting that the church holds every Monday. The Lord is at work and I'm overjoyed to be able to join in His work. 

jessica and I.jpg

Jessica and I moved into a flat "apartment" on Sunday!  We will be living with three senior girls from Bethany.  They have been so gracious and have already made us feel at home. 

pilgrim of love.jpg

My mission statement can be summed up in one word "love."  I have been called to love God and love others wherever God has placed me.  God has called me to be a pilgrim of love in this season to the Slovene people.  I'm entering into a country that is not my own and to a language and culture I do not know (yet).  Love is what breaks down walls and barriers and brings the gospel forth.  I deeply want to love others well with Christ's love. This is my mission. 

In Christ, 


Prayer Requests 

  • Open doors & hearts to the gospel

  • God's grace in language learning 

  • God's love would shine forth through me

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